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Big Brother: A Touch of the Jumbos (Series finale ITV Sat 2 Oct 1970)



Big Brother A Touch of the Jumbos

In A Touch of the Jumbos, the final episode in the six part Big Brother anthology, a group of top executives of a major packaging firm have been on a jaunt around Europe in the company private jet. Now they are en route to the US with the president of the company. He is keeping tabs on them from his private suite but he doesn’t realise they are hatching a secret plot to oust him from his position.

Robert Hardy is the most well known face appearing but there are strong roles for the fabulous Hilary Tindall (best known for The Brothers), Janet Key and David Bauer.

There was a small feature in the weeks TV Times (3 Oct 1970) detailing how the production team managed to come up with a jumbo jet for filming – they didn’t – instead they built the interior of one themselves. Executive producer Peter Wildeblood explained “it is authentic in every detail. There are two floors linked by a spiral staircase and all the fittings. We worked from moulds used in the actual Jumbo construction.” He added that they did take a Jumbo jet flight in order to record the right background sounds.

The plane set also included a private suite for the boss of the story, with a closed circuit TV set up, hidden cameras and it’s own bar.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 2 October 1970

Series: Big Brother Episode 6 (of 6)

Writer: Peter Draper / Production Design: Colin Pigott / Director: Cyril Coke

Robert Hardy as John Edge
Hilary Tindall as Margaret Edge
Graham James as Michael Jones
Janet Key as Louise Harberton
Tom Chatto as Hampton
David Bauer as Abel Rook
Alex Davion as Harvey Allanson
Rachel Treadgold as Stewardess
Carolyn Hudson as Joanne Sooley
Michael David as Majinac
Sidonie Bond as Claudia
Paul Armstrong as Danter
Julian Sherrier as Vinzu
Hugh McDermott as Samuel Cain