Black Sails XXI (Starz 6 Feb 2016, Anna-Louise Plowman)

Black Sails XXI

In Black Sails XXI Max has discovered that Woodes Rogers, the new governor, and his fleet of ships will soon be arriving at Nassau. The news sparks no small amount of chaos, Flint is still at sea but Rackham thinks they should persuade all the captains to take the Governor’s ships on. Rogers, meanwhile, reveals to Eleanor that he has just 8 weeks to bring Nassau to heel.

With Flint missing believed dead Blackbeard spots an opportunity to take control of the defence of the island.

Flint and his crew have been becalmed for 12 days and things are looking dire. Food and water is running very low. Flint, Silver and Bones agree they need to reduce rations but Flint’s idea to only give food to the men critical to the sailing of the ship does not go down well.

XXI is an episode that feels like something of a transition. The arrival of two major players in the shape of Woodes Rogers and Blackbeard who are clearly going to have a major impact on what is to come.

production details
USA / Starz / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 6 Feb 2016

Writer: Jonathan E. Steinberg, Dan Shotz / Director: Stefan Schwartz

Series: Black Sails Season 3 Episode 3

Toby Stephens as Captain Flint
Hannah New as Eleanor Guthrie
Luke Arnold as John Silver
Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max
Tom Hopper as Billy Bones
Zach McGowan as Captain Charles Vane
Toby Schmitz as Rackham
Clara Paget as Anne Bonny
Louise Barnes as Miranda Barlow
Luke Roberts as Woodes Rogers
Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard
Patrick Lyster as Captain Benjamin Hornigold
Craig Jackson as Featherstone
Andre Jacobs as De Groot
Laudo Liebenberg as Dooley
Anna-Louise Plowman as Mrs. Hudson
Jason Cope as Captain Chamberlain
Dan Robbertse as Captain Throckmorton
Aidan Whytock as Jacob Garrett
Craig Hawks as Reuben
Wilson Carpenter as Ellers
Alistair Moulton Black as Dr. Howell
Richard Lothian as Dobbs
Winston Chong as Joji
Martin Evans as Wealthy Merchant
Greig Stewart Rogers as Death
Nicholas Dallas as Appraiser
Rory Acton Burnell as Apocalyptic Crewman
David Viviers as Oates
Martin Munro as Palmer
Miles Petzer as Breathless Scout
Calvin Hayward as Wayne
Roland Reed as Dufresne

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