Black Sails XXII ((Starz 6 Feb 2016 with Chris Fisher)

Black Sails XXII

In Black Sails II things are initially looking good for Flint and his crew, they have finally found land, in the midst of recovering from their ordeal of being becalmed for over three weeks and trying to establish a camp the are taken prisoner by a group of what appears at first to be island natives. Talk about it never rains but it pours for Flint and Co!

When they reach the natives main camp it soon becomes clear that they are in fact escaped slaves who have claimed the island as their own refuge. They also usually kill any pirates or traders that stumble upon them. It’s all a bit Fantastic Journey as the crew are thrown into cages (handily the islanders seem to have invested quite a bit of their time in building a double decker prison like structure).

Knowing there is little chance of survival if they don’t escape, Silver thinks that the daughter of the camp’s Queen may hold the key. It will be interesting to see where this plot development takes us, at the moment it seems like Flint is deliberately being kept away from the main action going on at Nassau. Flint himself is also dangerously depressed and seeing visions of not only Miranda Barlow but also the black clad figure of death. In fact he has an interesting conversation with “Miranda” on the beach where it’s clear that a big part of him wants to die so he can be with her, he tells her though that if he gets through this he will “leave her behind”.

Meanwhile Eleanor is proving herself invaluable to Rogers and Hornigold has persuaded a significant number of pirates to take the free pardon offered by Rogers. Vane also has a price on his head and there are lots of people on the island who would like to claim it. It’s become imperative that he gets off the island… Luckily Blackbeard is on hand to help.

production details
USA / Starz / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 13 Feb 2016

Writer: Jonathan E. Steinberg, Lisa Schultz Boyd / Director: Steve Boyam

Series: Black Sails Season 3 Episode 4

Toby Stephens as Captain Flint
Hannah New as Eleanor Guthrie
Luke Arnold as John Silver
Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max
Tom Hopper as Billy Bones
Zach McGowan as Captain Charles Vane
Toby Schmitz as Rackham
Clara Paget as Anne Bonny
Louise Barnes as Miranda Barlow
Luke Roberts as Woodes Rogers
Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard
Patrick Lyster as Captain Benjamin Hornigold
Craig Jackson as Featherstone
Roland Reed as Dufresne
Andre Jacobs as De Groot
Anna-Louise Plowman as Mrs. Hudson
Laudo Liebenberg as Dooley
Moshidi Motshegwa as The Maroon Queen
Zethu Dlomo as Madi
Jason Cope as Captain Chamberlain
Chris Fisher as Ben Gunn
Craig Hawks as Reuben
Tyrone Dadd as Knocking Pirate
Siv Ngesi as Udo
Andrian Mazive as Kofi
Michael Kirch as Pardon Clerk
Wilson Carpenter as Ellers
Francis Chouler … Lieutenant Perkins
Rory Appleton as Redcoat #1
Jimi Ogunlaja as Serious Slave
Gideon Lombard as Warren
Alistair Moulton Black as Dr. Howell
Richard Lothian as Dobbs
Winston Chong as Joji
Warren Germishuys as Twitchy Pirate
Calvin Hayward as Wayne

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