Blake’s 7: Children of Auron (BBC-1 18 Feb 1980, with Ronald Leigh-Hunt)



In The Children of Auron Cally is receiving telepathic messages telling her that her home planet is in serious trouble. Servalan has infected the whole planet with a deadly plague. Cally believes the Liberator can help but Servalan has other ideas.

Again it’s ultimately another Servalan trying to get her hands on the Liberator and ultimately failing. There is also a strange subplot about Servalan wanting to use Auron’s cloning technology to gestate multiple versions of herself. Indeed the strongest scene sees Servalan distraught when she is forced to blow up the base, losing her embryos in the process.

It’s all well played though, Jan Chappell gets the chance to play two roles, Cally and her twin sister Zelda, and there is strong support from the likes of Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Beth Harris and Rio Fanning. Harris was a series regular on Within These Walls (Fanning was also an occasional on that show as an Irish priest.)

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 18 February 1980

Writer: Roger Parkes / Director: Andrew Morgan

guest cast
Sarah Atkinson as Franton
Rio Fanning as Captain Deral
Ric Young as Ginka
Ronald Leigh-Hunt as C.A. One
Beth Harris as C.A. Two
Jack McKenzie as Patar
Michael Troughton as Pilot Four-Zero

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