Blake’s 7: Countdown (BBC-1 6 Mar 1979, with Tom Chadbon)



In Countdown there is major trouble on the planet Albian, long under the control of the Federation there is a major revolution going on led by mercenary Del Grant. The Federation have planted a radiation bomb on the planet that will kill all six million of it’s inhabitants.

Blake was enroute to the planet to try and pick up a Federation officer, Provine, with valuable information to impart about the location of Control. With the bomb set to go off in an hour Blake, Avon and Vila teleport down to see what assistance they can give. When Avon discovers Del Grant is involved he is less than impressed. He has past history with the mercenary and tells Blake that Grant has made a vow to kill him. Of course the duo have to team up to disarm the bomb. We learn that Grant’s sister Anna was Avon’s lover and Grant believes he left her to die at the hands of a Federation interrogation unit.

Provine, who is also the man who set the bomb countdown going in the first place, finds himself stuck on the planet after his exit strategy is compromised. He comes to blows with Blake and before he dies tells Blake that Control is now called Star One and only a man called Dockerly, a cyber surgeon, iknows its exact location.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 6 March 1979

Writer: Terry Nation / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Gareth Thomas as Blake
Sally Knyvette as Jenna
Paul Darrow as Avon
Jan Chappell as Cally
Michael Keating as Vila
Peter Tuddenham as Zen/Orac
Tom Chadbon as Del Grant
Paul Shelley as Major Provine
James Kerry as Cauder
Lindy Alexander as Ralli
Robert Arnold as Sergeant Selson
Geoffrey Snell as Tronos
Sidney Kean as Vetnor
Nigel Gregory as Arrian

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