Blake’s 7: Dawn of the Gods (BBC-1 28 Jan 1980, with Sam Dastor)



Dawn of the Gods opens with the crew (including Orac) playing a game that is clearly based on Monopoly. The game is interrupted when the Liberator seems to be being drawn off course despite the fact that all systems are functioning normally. It turns out to be Orac who is actually directing the ship towards an unusual black hole merely to expand his knowledge.

As they get close to the black hole itself a strange ‘happening’ knocks out all of the crew, it then appears that the Liberator have fallen into the other side of the black hole, not actually existing. It then becomes apparent that the Liberator has actually landed on an artificial planet.

Cally, during her recuperation from being knocked out, hears the voice of the mythical Auron figure Thaarn. Cally is sure the voice she is hearing is malevolent though. As the crew investigate they are menaced by a robot type creature (sadly another case of the idea not quite being realised by budget – the final product looks something like a cardboard model) before a top hat wearing emissary of Thaarn who informs them they are now his slaves and that he will be taking the Herculanium alloy that the Liberator is built from for his own use.

It’s actually Cally who is the key to rescuing the crew and getting them off Crador. She has a telepathic bond with Thaarn and in the end is able to talk him into turning off the electronic isolators that is stopping the Liberator (along with it’s weapons and teleport systems from working) from leaving Crador. In a Wizard of Oz style reveal, when Cally comes face to face with Thaarn he is revealed to be a wizened old dwarf with an extended cranium.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 28 January 1980

Writer: James Follett / Director: Desmond McCarthy

guest cast
Marcus Powell as The Thaarn
Sam Dastor as The Caliph
Terry Scully as Groff

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