Blake’s 7: Power Play (BBC-1 14 Jan 1980, with Michael Sheard)



In Power Play Avon and Dayne are aboard the Liberator, along with a Federation Death Squad, their leader though is not quite who he seems. He turns out to be fellow freedom fighter Del Tarrant, despite Dayna being taken prisoner Avon and Tarrant set about taking back control of the Liberator.

Cally and Vila, along with Servalan have been picked up by a seeming peaceful group aboard a hospital ship, although Servalan is quickly able to arrange a way back to Earth but Vila and Cally discover that what they are really on is an organ harvesting ship! Luckily the Liberator manages to get within teleport range back in the nick of time.

Avon once again has the choicest dialogue, usually at the expense of Vila, ‘I should introduce you to Vila now, he’s at his best when he is unconcious.’ As well as a great riposte to Cally when she asks Vila if he would prefer to be a load of spare parts down there, ‘or one spare part up here.’

So by the end of the episode, the crew is back up to 7 again (including Zen and Orac of course), Tarrant seems quite Avon like and Dayna has already proved herself in the warrior stakes taking out Michael Sheard’s Federation squad leader. Servalan hasn’t had a great deal to do in these first couple of episodes other than make small talk with various members of the seven but now she is headed back to Earth about to assume control of the Presidency!

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 14 January 1980

Writer: Terry Nation / Director: David Maloney

guest cast
Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan
Michael Sheard as Klegg
Primi Townsend as Zee
Helen Blatch as Receptionist
John Hollis as Lom
Doyne Bird as Harmon
Julia Vidler as Barr

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