Blake’s 7: Rumours of Death (S3EP8 BBC-1 25 Feb 1980, with Lorna Heilbron)



In Rumours of Death, Avon has discovered the whereabouts of the Federation torturer called Shrinker (played by John Bryans who previously appeared in the episodes Seek-Locate-Destroy and Trial as Senator Bercol). Avon believes Shrinker was responsible for the death of Anna Grant (the only woman Avon has ever loved).

Shrinker turns out not to be responsible instead the trail leads Avon to Earth and a man called Chesku aka Bartolomew who was believed to be the Federations top spy. As Avon and the crew make plans to teleport to Chesku’s home in the country. Checku’s wife Sula has been planning a revolt against the Federation (which now that Servalan is in total control has been making something of a comeback). When Avon eventually comes face to face with Sula he sees that she is in fact Anna Grant, in that split second he also realises that Anna was really Bartolomew and was playing him all along. When Anna/Sula/Bartolomew tries to kill him – he reacts first and kills her.

One of the strongest Avon episodes, showing a a real human side to the man who at times seems more computer than Orac and Zen combined. The best scenes are once again those between Avon and Servalan (who ends up captured and chained to a wall by Sula).

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 25 February 1980

Writer: Chris Boucher / Director: Fiona Cumming

Series: Blake’s 7 Season 3 Episode 8

guest cast
Lorna Heilbron as Sula
John Bryans as Shrinker
Donald Douglas as Major Grenlee
Peter Clay as Chesku
David Haig as Forres
David Gillies as Hob
Philip Bloomfield as Balon

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