Blake’s 7: Sarcophagus (S3EP9 BBC-1 3 Mar 1980)



Sarcophagus is another of those episodes that suffers from a downright bizarre opening sequence, in this case the magic like activities of a strange cult taking up almost the first ten minutes – without dialogue. The episode begins properly when the Liberator crew discover and alien spacecraft drifting in space – when Avon, Vila and Cally teleport aboard they discover the ship is in fact a tomb full of the bodies of the people from the opening sequence.

Although the ship is set to self destruct the trio manage to get back aboard the Liberator before it does so – they bring with them a strange artifact and almost immediately strange things seem to happening. Most of them seemed to be linked to Cally. Both Zen and Orac are troubled too – Zen informs the crew that there is unknown person aboard the ship. Whoever – whatever it is seems to be feeding off the ship’s energy, along with using Cally’s telepathic abilities.

Definitely a weird old episode, even if you don’t include the song (that appears to be sung by Josette Simon) over various shots of the exterior of the Liberator.

Written by Tanith Lee.

Series: Blake’s 7 Season 3 Episode 9

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