Blake’s 7: The Keeper (BBC-1 27 March 1979, with Bruce Purchase)



In The Keeper, Vila, Jenna and Blake teleport down to the inhospitable planet Goth, in search of a man called Lergan. Meanwhile, still on board the Liberator, Avon and Cally see Travis’s ship leaving the planet. Avon insists on going in pursuit to get rid of Travis once and for all. He destroys the ship but we soon learn Travis isn’t aboard. Meanwhile Jenna and Vila end up captured by a Goth tribe who are helping both Travis and Servalan.

Despite being captured, the Goth King takes a major liking to Jenna and sees Vila as the ideal replacement for his ‘fool’, whilst that pair are trying to find out who Lergan has given the secret of the location of Star One too, Blake is trying to mount a rescue attempt.

Let’s make no bones about it this is not a terrific episode. It’s pantomimish, badly overacted and with some highly dodgy CSO work. Although by the end of the episode Blake has finally discovered the location of Star One.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 27 March 1979

Writer: Allan Prior / Director: Derek Martinus

Gareth Thomas as Blake
Sally Knyvette as Jenna
Paul Darrow as Avon
Jan Chappell as Cally
Michael Keating as Vila
Peter Tuddenham as Zen/Orac
Jacqueline Pearce as Supreme Commander Servalan
Brian Croucher as Travis
Bruce Purchase as Gola
Freda Jackson as Tara
Shaun Curry as Rod
Cengiz Saner as Fool
Arthur Hewlett as Old Man
Ron Tarr as Patrol Leader

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