Bleak House: Episode 7 (S1EP7 BBC2 22 May 1985, Sam Kelly)



Episode 7: Esther, severely scarred, has recovered from smallpox. She meets Lady Dedlock, who confesses that she is her mother. Jo has been found desperately ill and living rough, but dies soon afterwards. The lawyer Tulkinghorn, has been murdered in his rooms.

Regular Cast: Suzanne Burden (Esther Summerson), Jonathan Moore (William Guppy), Denholm Elliott (John Jarndyce)

Guest Cast: Sam Kelly (Snagsby), Charlie Drake (Smallweed), Eileen Davies (Judy Smallweed), Pamela Merrick (Hortense), Brian Deacon (Allan Woodcourt), Robin Bailey (Sir Leicester Dedlock), Diana Rigg (Lady Dedlock), Heather Tobias (Jenny), Dave King, Ian Hogg, Stephen Kemble, Anne Reid, Guy Standeven, Harry Jones, Gabrielle Daye, Kevin White, Lucy Hancock, Robert Ogilvie, Jack Carr, Peter Hugo Daly, Wanda Toubas

Writer: Arthur Hopcraft / Director: Ross Devenish

Airdate: 22 May 1985 on BBC2

Series: Bleak House Season 1 Episode 7

Show Info: 8 part period drama serial based on the Charles Dickens novel. A young orphan girl, Esther Summerson, becomes inextricably tied up with a chancery case brought about by Richard Carstone.

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