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Bless This Mess: The Visit (S2EP6 ABC Tues 12 Nov 2019)



The Visit: Donna springs a last-minute trip to Nebraska on Mike and Rio, which she claims is to relax, but Mike and Rio soon find out she has other plans in mind when she steps into competitive mode to get them to participate in the harvest. Meanwhile, Constance’s son Brandon is driving her crazy working at the store, so she pawns him off on Rudy.

Cast: Lake Bell as Rio, Dax Shepard as Mike, Ed Begley Jr. as Rudy, Pam Grier as Constance, JT Neal as Jacob, David Koechner as Beau, Lennon Parham as Kay and Langston Kerman as Brandon.

Written by Craig Rowin and directed by Ken Whittingham.

Airdate: Tuesday 12 November 2019 at 8.30pm on ABC.

Season 2, Episode 6