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Blood and Oil: Rats, Bugs and Moles (ABC 29 Nov 2015 with Lolita Davidovich)



Blood and Oil ABC 2015

AIRDATE: Sunday 29 November 2015 at 9.00pm on ABC

Season 1 Episode 8

Briggs Oil is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and the party must go on, even in the wake of the intensified federal investigation into Hap’s business dealings. Suspecting there’s an informant in his ranks, Hap clamps down on security and nearly exposes his son, Wick, as the source of the leak. This leads Wick to recruit an unlikely accomplice in his desire to bring down his father.

Meanwhile, Annie sets up shop in Rock Springs with her new partner, Billy, who finds himself increasingly preoccupied as his lies begin to catch up to him in the form of Gary Laframboise, who threatens to expose the truth about Billy.

Regular Cast: Don Johnson as Hap Briggs, Chace Crawford as Billy Lefever, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody Lefever, Scott Michael Foster as Wick Briggs, Amber Valletta as Carla Briggs, India De Beaufort as Jules Jackman, Adan Canto as AJ Menendez, Miranda Mayo as Lacey Briggs and Delroy Lindo as Tip Harrison.

Guest Cast: Barry Corbin as Clifton Lundegren, Paul Rae as Gary Laframboise, Peyton List as Emma Lundegren, Lolita Davidovich as Annie Briggs, Spencer Garrett as Myron Stipple, Jessica Villenueve as Nurse, Jeffrey Hanson as Security Man, Tim Shoemaker as Doctor, Shelly Gibson as Agent Bender and Todd Williams as Agent Reese.

Written by Robert Rovner and Matt Pyken, and directed by Brian Kelly.



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