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Bob’s Burgers: Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid (S11EP7 FOX Sun 22 Nov 2020)



Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid: When Gene can’t eat Thanksgiving dinner because of a stomach flu, the family tries to cheer him up.

Voice Cast: H. Jon Benjamin as Bob: John Roberts as Linda; Dan Mintz as Tina; Eugene Mirman as Gene; Kristen Schaal as Louise

Guest Voice Cast: Laura Silverman as Andy; David Wain as Courtney; Megan Mullally as Gayle; Sarah Silverman as Ollie; Brian Huskey as Regular Sized Rudy; Bobby Tisdale as Zeke

Airdate: Sun 22 Nov 2020 at 9.00pm on FOX

Season 11 Episode 7