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Bob’s Burgers: Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas (S10EP10 FOX Sun 15 Dec 2019)



Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas: Linda works a temp job at the post office to make extra money for the holidays. But when an important package goes undelivered, Linda breaks protocol and takes it upon herself to save the day. Meanwhile, Bob and Tina are trapped at home with Linda’s fussy family and Gene and Louise scramble last-minute to find the perfect gift for Tina.

Voice Cast: H. Jon Benjamin as Bob/Boy/Postal Clerk; John Roberts as Linda; Dan Mintz as Tina; Eugene Mirman as Gene; Kristen Schaal as Louise

Guest Voice Cast: David Herman as Customer/Sorting Clerk/Ernie/Santa Doll; Brooke Dillman as Donna/Girlfriend; Renee Taylor as Gloria; Tim Meadows as Mike; Melissa Bardin Galsky as Mother; Sam Seder as Al; Megan Mullally as Gayle; Gary Anthony Williams as Plant Manager

Airdate: Sunday 15 December 2019 at 9.00pm on FOX.

Season 10, Episode 10