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Bob’s Burgers: If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marionette? (S9EP18 Sun 24 Mar 2019)



If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marionette?: The kids visit a marionette theater for a school field trip and Louise gets on the theater owner’s bad side. Meanwhile, Bob takes pity on a flyer guy who’s handing out flyers in front of the restaurant.

Voice Cast: H. Jon Benjamin as Bob, Dan Mintz as Tina, Eugene Mirman as Gene, John Roberts as Linda, Kristen Schaal as Louise and Larry Murphy as Teddy.

Guest Voice Cast: Tom Kenny as Guy / Box Puppet / Paramedic #1, Kerri Kenney-Silver as Esther / Paramedic #2, Ron Lynch as Ron, Brooke Dillman as Dot, David Herman as Mr. Frond / Trev, Bobby Tisdale as Zeke, Sarah Silverman as Ollie, Laura Silverman as Andy, Jay Johnston as Jimmy Pesto and Jenny Slate as Tammy.

Airdate: Sunday 24 March 2019 at 8.30pm on FOX.

Season 9, Episode 18



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