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Born To Be Wild Episode 9 (S2EP9 BBC Scotland Mon 20 Sep 2021)



Born To Be Wild 209

It’s not every day that the National Wildlife Rescue Centre finds itself taking care of a beaver, but with these mammals now reintroduced to the wild in Scotland and doing really well it’s not surprising to find one admitted to the centre.

They also happen to be Acting Head of large mammals April’s favourite, so when one arrives after being caught in a sluice gate it’s a red-letter day indeed.

The beaver is uninjured, so after blood-tests and a thorough examination it’s taken back to the wild and released with the help of beaver expert Dr Roisin Campbell-Parker.

In the operation room specialist vet Romain is also working his magic again. This time a poor sparrowhawk has been brought in with a hole in its crop – a sort of pouch in a bird’s neck for storing food. Within minutes, Romain has performed an intricate operation that saves the bird’s life and allows it to be released back into the wild.

Airdate: Monday 20 September 2021 at 8.00pm on BBC Scotland

Season 2 Episode 9