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Born To Be Wild Season 2 Episode 8 airs Mon 13 Sep on BBC Scotland



Every summer the Wildlife Rescue Centre sees the admission of many orphaned roe deer fawns to the centre.

But this year is different, as the roe fawns are joined by an orphan belonging to a different species – a young fallow deer with some nasty wounds on his legs. It puts extra pressure on Acting Head of Large Mammals, April, who needs to train up Juanita and the other wildlife assistants in the art of deer rearing.

The team name the orphaned fallow Snowdrop, and with his leg wounds neatly healed by centre vet Liam he’s relocated to a centre in the south of England, where a larger group of fallow deer is already preparing for life in the wild.

Meanwhile, centre vet Romain is getting busy with buzzards. One has been admitted with many of its feathers broken, but soon Romain is at work ‘imping’ in new feathers, which means using fresh feathers attached with superglue and cocktail sticks!

The next day Romain and his children release the ‘imped’ buzzard into the wild, accompanied by some other rehabbed buzzards.

Born To Be Wild Season 2 Episode 8 airs Monday 13 September at 8.00pm on BBC Scotland.