Branson New Episode Tonight Thursday December 22, 2022 on HBO




Today Thursday December 22, 2022, there is a new episode of Branson.


The series finale follows Virgin Galactic’s tortuous history, from inception to test flights, as well as Virgin Atlantic’s contentious attempt to win government funding for the airline amid the Covid-19 outbreak. Branson defends the advantages of privately funded space exploration and the contradictions around Virgin’s eco-messaging as the first passenger flight of Virgin Galactic draws near. The launch date, which has been set for July 11, 2021, comes after 17 years of preparation, testing, mishaps, and disappointments. It culminates in a successful flight in which Branson accomplishes his greatest dream.

Airdate: Thursday December 22, 2022 at 22:00 on HBO

Season 1 Episode 4

Branson examines the life and adventures of businessman Richard Branson sixteen days before his historic first flight into space. Blending insights from family members, business associates, and journalists with decades of archival and home video footage, the series unveils the man behind the many ventures and adventures.

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