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Breakaway: The Local Affair – Part 3 (S2EP3 BBC One 8 Mar 1980, Lynn Dalby)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Local Affair – Part 3: A set of keys found near the body, a $200,000 blackmail and a gloved hand – all add to Sam’s confusion.

Regular Cast: Martin Jarvis (Sam Harvey)

Guest Cast: Lynn Dalby (Jo Hathaway), Judy Geeson (Becky Royce), Ed Bishop (Scott Douglas), David Collings (Doctor Tucker), Edward Peel (Sergeant Holiday), Margaret John (Elaine Wigmore), Robert Morris (Freddie Galbraid), Michael Culver (Ernest Clifford), Paul Luty (Archie), Suzan Farmer (Geraldine Newton)

Writer: Francis Durbridge / Director: Michael E. Briant

Airdate: 8 Mar 1980 on BBC One Two

Series: Breakaway Season 2 Episode 3

Show Info: In the first of two six part thrillers police inspector Sam Harvey investigates the brutal murder of his own parents.