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Brett: The Saxby Route (S1EP9 BBC One 14 Jun 1971, Ann Michelle)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Saxby Route: Brett is asked to accompany a truck bound for Guatemala. He is persuaded to give a young medical student a lift. As the journey progresses he begins to wonder if the boy and the strange cargo are somehow connected.

Regular Cast: Patrick Allen (Brett), Robin Bailey (Nick), Jean McFarlane (Lois), Hannah Gordon (Françoise)

Guest Cast: Peter Bowles, Eric Lander, Philippa Gail, Ann Michelle, Michael Godfrey, John Allison, Éttore Calliea

Writer: John Elliot / Director: Peter Graham Scott

Airdate: 14 Jun 1971 on BBC One

Series: Brett Season 1 Episode 9

Show Info: Drama series detailing the problems of a powerful tycoon with a shady past that is catching up with him.