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Bridge of Lies Episode 13 (BBC One Wednesday 8 February 2023)



Bridge of Lies

Today Wednesday 8 February 2023, there is a new episode of Bridge of Lies.

Episode 13 Four members of the Kemp family (Georgina, Charlotte, Alex, and Tracey) take on Ross Kemp’s Bridge of Lies in this presentation. They turn to the bridge one by one, taking turns depending on the type of question being asked. There are a total of 32 possible steps at each bridge crossing (22 truths and 10 lies), and they must cross by taking the truthful ones and avoiding the false ones in order to win money. After taking on the bridge one at a time, the survivors will band together for one final attempt at crossing for a shot at the prize money.

Airdate: Wednesday 8 February 2023 at 16:30 on BBC One

Season 2 Episode 13

Ross Kemp has turned his hand to quiz show hosting for the very first time, and will preside over teams of contestants as they compete for cash by crossing the Bridge – a collection of stepping stones featuring various truths and lies based on general knowledge categories.Each player must try to safely step on the truths and avoid the lies, or risk falling off and out of the game. Once they’ve conquered the Bridge on their own, successful contestants will join forces to face the dramatic final crossing for a chance to take home some cash.

Featured image credit: BBC One