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Bright’s Boffins: In The Mind (S1EP9 ITV Tues 29 Sep 1970, with Belinda Sinclair)



Bright's Boffins

In In The Mind, when Bright discovers that Oswald has a device that is able to read minds he decides to use it to make himself look good in front of his colleagues. Naturally enough events don’t go according to plan.

UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 29 September 1970.

Series: Bright’s Boffins Season.1 Episode 9

Writer: Denis Goodwin / Script Editor: Keith Miles / Production Design: John Dilly / Producer: Peter Croft

Alexander Dore as Bertram Blight
Avril Angers as Molly McCrandle
Denis Shaw as Thumper
George Moon as Berk
Bartlett Mullins as Professor Farthing
Belinda Sinclair as Julie Farthing
Brian Haines as Bailiff
Sadie Corre as Oswald