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Britain in Bloom “Shrewsbury” (BBC Two Wednesday 1 February 2023)



Britain in Bloom

Britain in Bloom airs a new episode tonight Wednesday 1 February 2023 on BBC Two.

“Shrewsbury” Chris Bavin travels to Shrewsbury, Shropshire, to check out the annual flower competition that the Bloomers have been attending for the past 37 years. The city council fully supports this award-winning group, which uses its sizable annual budget to plant an incredible 300,000 flowers across the city.

The Dingle, a sunken garden in the park’s centre made famous by Britain’s first celebrity gardener, Percy Thrower, is their crowning achievement. There is annual pressure on the team to outdo themselves in this garden and impress the judges. To be sure, Bloom isn’t just interested in mega-tasks.

Chris also works with people living in a sheltered housing complex on the outskirts of town to help them establish a productive garden. Shrewsbury’s Bloomers want more than everything to defend their gold championship, but it’s getting harder and harder to win over the judges with each passing year.

Airdate: Wednesday 1 February 2023 at 2.15pm on BBC Two.

Season 1 Episode 3

Featured Image Credit: BBC Two