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Britain’s Best Walks With Julia Bradbury – Rivers: Watersmeet, Exmoor, Devon (ITV 3 Feb 2017)



Britain's Best Walks Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury knows her stuff when it comes to walking, having spent years wandering the length and breadth of Britain’s countryside discovering some of its most beautiful and spectacular landscapes.

In this series, Julia chooses some of her favourite and most accessible family treks in search of the perfect walk which anyone can manage on a lovely morning or afternoon ramble. Julia is using all her knowledge of some of Britain’s best haunts to find walks that offer great vistas, local history, colourful characters and a perfect pub lunch or picnic along the way.

This episode finds her in Devon as she reveals a hidden treasure. Julia’s favourite river walk follows the green tree canopy of water rapids along the East Lyn and Hoar Oak rivers, where they merge at stunning Watersmeet. This is a truly delicious walk, and when in Devon there is always time for a hard-earned cream tea!

Britain’s Best Walks With Julia Bradbury: Rivers: Watersmeet, Exmoor, Devon airs on Friday 3 February 2017 from 8.00pm-8.30pm on ITV.



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