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Britain’s Most Historic Towns Season 2 Premieres Sat 18 May on Channel 4



Professor Alice Roberts is back on the road for a second series exploring key periods in British history through the stories of individual towns. The first episode takes in wartime Britain by studying the history of Dover, the town that found itself on the frontline in the struggle against Nazi Germany.

To fully appreciate the role played by the people of Dover, Alice ventures beneath the famous white cliffs to visit the subterranean nerve centre where the Dunkirk evacuation was planned. She also meets a 90-year-old local who experienced the horror of the German onslaught, and experiences what life would have been like in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Battle of Britain. From the sky, archaeologist Ben Robinson takes an aerial vantage point across the Channel to survey the incredible challenges faced by the Navy.

Dir/Prod: Theo Williams
Series Prod: Liam McArdle
Executive Prod: Dom Bowles
Prod Co: IWC Media

Airdate: Saturday 18 May 2019 at 8.00pm on Channel 4

Season 2 Episode 1