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Britain's Tiger Kings – On the Trail with Ross Kemp: Episode 2 (S1EP2 ITV Tues 6 Apr 2021)



The presenter meets people who own dangerous and exotic animals in Britain, including a man who keeps 46 snakes and a crocodile owner with an unusual death wish. Later, he discovers what happens when wild cats escape.

Airdate: Tues 6 Apr 2021 at 21:00 on ITV

Season 1 Episode 2

Ross Kemp is on the trail of Britain's very own tiger and lion kings – those who keep dangerous wild animals.

The series features Ross going on a journey to discover why anyone would want to keep a 250kg feline, and asking whether it is in the best interests of the animal to do so.

It's understood there are about 4,000 animals including lions, tigers, bears, crocodiles and giant snakes in private hands in the country.