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The Brothers: Oranges And Lemons (BBC-1 15 Feb 1976)



Oranges and Lemons

In Oranges and Lemons David is in hiding, staying at Clare Millers (without Merroney’s knowledge), he feels that he let himself and the company down over the business with Therese D’Alambert, he is in debt to her for eleven thousands pounds and she is willing to tear up the IOU for the fuel contract from Hammonds when they move into France. Meanwhile Jennifer decides to throw herself back into work to get over William and Mary is growing close to Sir Neville who has invited her to stay for the weekend at his country estate.

Quite a light weight episode in the scheme of things really, Clare is naturally enough David’s confidant but she still can’t quite leave Merroney’s behind completely – by the end of the episode she has let Merroney know where David is and a full board meeting has been scheduled in which David must account for himself or possibly lose his place on the board.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 15 February 1976

Writer: Simon Raven / Production Design: Ian Ashurst / Director: John Davies

The Brothers Season Six Episode Four

guest cast
CARLETON HOBBS as Sir Neville Henniswood