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The Brothers: Power For Sale (BBC-1 7 Apr 1974)



The Brothers

In Power For Sale Jennifer is determined that she has had enough of Mary Hammond’s meddling once and for all and that wants and needs to get away from the Hammonds, she won’t tell Edward what is going on but David and Brian realise that there is a major chance for a new head of Hammonds if either of them can get control of Jennifer’s shares. Meanwhile Ann and Nicholas are now having an affair but the pressure is getting to Ann.

The Ann/Nicholas Fox affair is in full swing but it doesn’t really float our boat, there is not an ounce of passion between the two of them despite all their desperate to be with each other anguish. Most of the good stuff of the episode lies with Jennifer who is quite naturally distraught that Mary Hammond can’t resist interfering.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 7 April 1974

Writer: N.J. Crisp

The Brothers Season Three Episode Ten

guest cast
JONATHAN NEWTH as Nicholas Fox
ANNA FOX as Pamela Graham