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The Brothers: Red Sky At Night (BBC-1 25 Jan 1976, Francoise Pascal)



The Brothers Brian, Ted and David

In season opener Red Sky At Night Brian has been convalescing in Italy and is due back to take up a position at Hammonds once again, Mary is planning a surprise party but Brian gets wind of it and isn’t keen. On the business front Merroney is planning, with the backing of the bank, some massive expansion. Mary is keen to see that Brian gets his seat back on the board (having sold his shares to the bank to finance his convalescance) and goes to see head of the merchant bank Sir Neville who makes it plain that the share issue is irrelevent and all members of the board can only be there on merit and nothing more.

Meanwhile Jennifer is struggling to cope with the idea that William’s birth mother can claim him back before the adoption is fully finalised in a couple of weeks.

Good to see Brian back in the fold and a nice performance from Richard Easton suggesting both vulnerability and a kind of serenity too. It’s clear there are some major league expansion plans going on and David is given the task of testing out the waters in France for the possibility of expanding the airfield operation. He is very much taken with the daughter of the owner of the first airfield he visits, not surprising really as she is played by the sexy Francoise Pascal!

classic quote
“It’s Ted and Jennifer you want to worry about, their troubles are just starting.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 25 January 1976

Writer: Simon Raven / Production Design: Ian Ashurst / Director: John Davies

The Brothers Season Six Episode One

guest cast
CARLETON HOBBS as Sir Neville Henniswood
FRANCOISE PASCAL as Therese D’Alambert