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The Brothers: Red Sky In The Morning (BBC-1 8 Feb 1976)



In Red Sky in the Morning Jennifer is still in a state of depression after having William taken away from her, Ted is finding it hard to cope with both the situation at home and at work, Brian believes that Jennifer needs a shock to snap her out of it. David is back in France looking at expansion plans but his real reasons involve seeing the beautiful Therese D’Alambert, the daughter of a wealthy French businessman. Don Stacey has already warned him off telling him she is the female equivalent of Dracula. David can’t see it though – until she takes him for a fool on a night out and he realises that she has only been playing keen to make sure that Hammond’s hand a vital contract to her father’s business.

David gets bitten by a shark in this episode, his crossing swords with the dangerous Therese could have repercussions for the whole of Hammonds – not to mention trouble with customs on his return to the UK. Meanwhile Merroney is feeling the heat from Hammonds because they feel the need to know more about where the new influx of money is really coming from but there is something of a softening of Merroney’s character in this season too, he even confides to Clare that he wants to protect the Hammonds from the machinations of the bank – the funny thing is the Hammonds can’t see it!

There are some nice scenes with Brian and Mary at home too, Brian and David are both still living at home and Brian has a philosophical air about him these days. In a little sub plot Don Stacey is concerned about an upcoming medical so there are chances that the results will rear their ugly head in a forthcoming episode. Character actor extraordinaire Michael Sheard also pops up in this episode playing a customs officer.

classic quote
“The more she tries to protect her brood, the more harm she does them”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 8 Feb 1976

Writer: Simon Raven / Production Design: Myles Lang / Director: Christopher Baker

The Brothers Season Six Episode Three

guest cast
FRANCOISE PASCAL as Therese D’Alambert
MICHAEL SHEARD as Customs Officer