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The Brothers: Return To Nowhere (BBC-1 5 May 1974)



In the season three finale Return to Nowhere Ann has taken an overdose of sleeping pills and is rushed to hospital in a coma. Brian is still in the dark about her relationship with Nicholas Fox but the scheming Julie persuades David to have dinner with her so that she can spill some gossip about Fox and his love them and leave them ways. She also tells David that she actually loves him but what she hasn’t reckoned on is the fact that David no longer wants her and the unexpected arrival of Jill. Meanwhile Jennifer and Edward still decide to take their holiday together despite the fact that Brian is also taking Ann away for a week to recuperate leaving David in charge and out of his depth.

A surprisingly quiet episode for a season finale apart from the franticness of the first ten minutes as Ann hovers between life and death but that is soon dealt with, the latter part of the episode is given over to Jennifer and Ted on their holiday as they finally decide to make their relationship permanent, Ted proposes and Jennifer accepts, the episodes does end on a cliffhanger though as the couple return home to tell Mary Hammond the news only to find her lying on the conservatory floor having had another heart attack. And finally it looks like the none too likeable Julie has realised she has no future with David!

Interestingly no writer is given credit for this episode, even on the original script but it is believed that Eric Paice was the man who penned the episode. We don’t know why he didn’t receive a credit but he continued contributing scripts to the show right through to season six.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 5 May 1974

Writer: Not Credited / Production Design: Charles Bond / Director: Philip Dudley

Series: The Brothers Season 3 Episode 13

guest cast
ANNA FOX as Pamela Graham
HILARY MINSTER as Doctor Johnstone
EDNA DORE as Woman in Waiting Room
DAVID PUGH as Motor Cyclist
DOUGLAS ROE as Ambulance Man