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The Brothers: Secret Meetings (BBC-1 9 Sep 1974)



The Brothers Brian, Ted, David

Assignations are the order of the day in Secret Meetings as Ann as decides to make contact once again with Nicholas Fox who is quick to get the affair rolling once again. Meanwhile Brian is more than keen to see Hammond Transport go public now that they are strong financially, a meeting with banker Martin Farrell reassures him that he is right and things pick up a pace as he organises a board meeting.

Some brilliant wheeler dealings from Brian as he ensures that the company bring in Martin Farrell, Ted isn’t one to take this sort of thing lying down though and it offers him the perfect chance to get Bill Riley on the board! We also thought Ann had seen sense over Nicholas Fox but like a moth to a flame she is back in his arms once again ten minutes into this episode.

One of the fab things about The Brothers is that you never really see too much of what Hammond actually does, yes there are shots of copious amounts of trucks and lorries in the yard but clearly to consider going public they must have a huge turn over!

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 9 September 1974

Writer: N.J. Crisp / Production Design: Charles Bond / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Series: The Brothers Season Four Episode Two

guest cast
MURRAY HAYNE as Martin Farrell
JONATHAN NEWTH as Nicholas Fox
FRANK CODA as Cashier