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Candy Cane Candidate Premieres Mon 20 Dec on Lifetime



In Candy Cane Candidate, natural-born leader, Julia (Jacky Lai), returns to her hometown of North Falls for Christmas to drown her sorrows in eggnog, cookies, and Yuletide after her recent political campaign for city council ended in a landslide loss.

It’s the perfect place for Julia’s holiday escape – until she realizes coming home means running into her old high school rival, Parker (Jake Epstein), the arrogant know-it-all who beat her in a race for senior class president. When the North Falls mayor resigns, the town holds an emergency election, and Julia and Parker find themselves once again facing off.

But as Julia and Parker campaign their way through the Christmas season and plan a toy drive together, Julia begins to see a different side of Parker, and the ice between them slowly begins to thaw. As their political race comes to a head, Julia and Parker discover winning isn’t everything.

Cast: Jacky Lai (Julia), Jake Epstein (Parker), Kara Duncan (Lucy), Mickeey Nguyen (Jax), Edwina Renout (Sylvie), Daniel Nguyen (Noah)

Written by Melissa Bustamante and directed by Pat Kiely.

Airdate: Monday 20 December 2021 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.