The Catch: The Hard Drive (ABC 13 Apr 2017, with Rose Rollins)

The Catch Title Card

In The Hard Drive, Alice and Val reexamine the cold case that brought them together as partners, and Ben and Rhys are faced with a major threat when they are told that their undercover status may have been compromised.

Cast: Mireille Enos as Alice Vaughan, Peter Krause as Benjamin Jones, Sonya Walger as Margot Bishop, John Simm as Rhys Griffiths, Jay Hayden as Danny Yoon, Rose Rollins as Valerie Anderson and Elvy Yost as Sophie Novak.

Written by Danny Tolli and directed by Steve Robin.

Series: The Catch Season 2 Episode 6
Airdate: Thursday 13 April 2017 at 10.00pm on ABC

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