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Catweazle: The Eye of Time (S1EP5 ITV Sun 15 Mar 1970, with Hattie Jacques)



The Eye of Time: Catweazle gets involved with the TAB and also confronts a fake fortune teller played brilliantly by veteran UK character actress/comedian Hattie Jacques. Unable to reach the betting office (”bettering” as Catweazle refers to it) farmhand Sam asks Carrot to place the bets for him. However as he is underage he seeks help from an uncooperative Catweazle.

Forcing him to dress in old scarecrow clothes to go into the village via a bus (referred to as ”thou roaring chariot” by Catweazle) it is here that Catweazle sees a sign that points to the fortune teller’s rooms. He then goes to see her and tells her that she doesn’t have ”the eye of time” that it is ”shut” to her and that she tells customers to bet on the wrong horses and then rings the local bookie that another false customer is on his way.

Geoffrey Bayldon as Catweazle
Robin Davies as Carrot
Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell as Mr. Bennet
Neil McCarthy as Sam Woodyard
Hattie Jacques as Madam Rosa
Ellis Dale as Albert
Betty Woolfe as Woman at Bus Stop

Director: Quentin Lawrence
Writer: Richard Carpenter

Airdate: Sunday 15 March 1970

Season 1, Episode 5



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