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Catweazle: The Magic Face (S1EP6 ITV Sun 22 Mar 1970, with Marcella Markham)



The Magic Face: Whilst hunting around the farm for old items Catweazle is accidentally photographed by a couple of Yank photographers/tourists one of whom becomes obsessed with the uniqueness of his face. When the photos are developed she returns to the farm and shows Carrot the photos who then shows Catweazle who believes he is now doomed and owned by the photographer and believes he must go to her and become his slave. The photographer gets Catweazle to clean her flashy sports car while she and her female partner (who is very masculine – suggesting lesbian overtones albeit very subtly afterall this was a children’s tv series) go off to take photos.

Meanwhile Carrot arrives at thier residence and goes to steal the photos taken of Catweazle from inside the house so as to remove the spell Catweazle believes is now on him. Carrot tells Catweazle to keep watch and to honk the car horn if the photographers return.

Geoffrey Bayldon as Catweazle
Robin Davies as Carrot
Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell as Mr. Bennet
Neil McCarthy as Sam Woodyard
Marcella Markham as Eleanor Derringer
Zulema Dene as Maud

Director: Quentin Lawrence
Writer: Richard Carpenter

Airdate: Sunday 22 March 1970

Season 1, Episode 6



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