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Catweazle: The Power of Adamcos (S1EP8 ITV Sun 5 Apr 1970, with Aubrey Morris)



The Power of Adamcos: Catweazle loses his sacred witchknife ‘Adamcos’ which is accidentally found by Mr Bennet while walking in the woods. Scared to go back into the woods initially because of ‘the normans’ (a group of locals dressed as norman soldiers as part of a local pageant),it’s decided that Mr Bennet(Carrot’s father) has taken it to town to sell at the local antique shop. The shop is run by a very camp owner who is making costumes for the local pageant. Mr Bennet gives the owner the adamcos as a gift. Being very busy he puts the shop closed sign up on the door to deter customers.

Carrott and Catweazle arrive at the shop but thinking it is closed Catweazle places a magic spell on the door to open it. There is nobody in the shop as the owner had popped out to buy some items for the costumes he was finishing.Looking around for adamcos they find nothing but Catweazle fears as a result he is dying especially when he sees his reflection in a mirror which he believes to be his own spirit.Suddenly mr bennet


Geoffrey Bayldon as Catweazle
Robin Davies as Carrot
Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell as Mr. Bennet
Neil McCarthy as Sam Woodyard
Aubrey Morris as Leslie Milton
David Ellison as Fred
Andrew Bradford as Dick

Director: Quentin Lawrence
Writer: Richard Carpenter

Airdate: Sunday 5 April 1970

Season 1, Episode 8



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