Celebs Go Dating Season Final (E4 Friday 23 December 2022)



Celebs Go Dating

Season Final: As the best celebrity matchmaking service in the world bids farewell to the class of 2022 on the idyllic island of Cyprus, one pressing concern remains: who will bring plus ones to the beach bash?

When Paul and Anna ask Navid if he has a party date planned, he says he wants to go on one more date with Izack first.

There’s little hope for romance when the evening is spent discussing Navid’s interest in pharmacology. Liam has flown both Cindy and Deimante to Cyprus, and he must now choose which one to take to the farewell party.

As the party draws near, Paul and Anna have their last counselling sessions with a keen Gary and Laura, and a reflective Pete Wicks discusses the impact the agency has had on his life, revealing that he has changed for the better by expressing a desire to spend more time with his date, Holly, before making any final decisions about their future.

Tom throws an epic beach party to celebrate the end of term, and he invites a familiar face who rounds out the class of 2022 as a surprise guest.

Airdate: Friday 23 December 2022 at 10.00pm on E4.

Season 11 Episode 20

The most successful celebrity matchmaking service in the world is pleased to introduce its newest clients, a group of lonely celebrities who are looking for ways to liven up their dating lives with the help of our matchmaking experts.

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