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The Changes: The Quarry (BBC-1 3 Mar 1975, with Tom Chadbon)



The Changes BBC 1975

In the penultimate episode The Quarry, despite having some relative safety and security staying with Michael and Mary, Vicky is becoming increasingly unsettled. Talking to Michael and Mary leads Vicky to make a decision about going to search for the cause of The Changes – Michael and Mary both believe a nearby Mountain holds the key.

Heading out it’s clear that something is now driving Vicky on. Making their way through a wood Jonathon and Vicky end up in a quarry where much to their surprise they find someone living in an old caravan. The somewhat strange Mr Furbelow was the former clerk of the Quarry works and it turns out that the initial blasting at the quarry and Furbelow himself that was the catalyst for The Changes.

Whilst excavating at the site Furbelow discovered something embedded in the rock which, when he touched it, set off The Changes.

Spending the night in Furbelow’s caravan (Furbelow, who is clearly insane, has stayed in the quarry) Nicky and Jonathon read Furbelow’s diary detailing how he found a section of rock which when he approached it emitted a Latin inscription -which translated says “I am Merlin, whoever touches me unbalances the world.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 3 March 1975 at 5.20pm

Writer: Anna Home / Production Design: Paul Munting / Director: John Prowse

Series: The Changes Episode 9 (of 10)

Vicky Williams as Nicky
Keith Ashton as Jonathon
Tom Chadbon as Michael
Merelina Kendall as Mary
Oscar Quitak as Mr Furbelow