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The Changes: Witchcraft (BBC-1 3 Feb 1975, with David Garfield)



The Change The Hostages

In Witchcraft the fight between the bandits and the Sikhs is brought to a rapid close when the village men turn up and help the Sikhs, it’s the catalyst for bringing the two communities together and after several weeks Chacha tells Vicky it is time she thought about moving on. She knows she must get back to her family and thinks an Aunt in the Cotswolds should be her next stop.

Vicky sets off with a local tradesman, however when the cart they are travelling on hits a pothole Nicky is thrown out and knocked unconscious. When she wakes the tradesman has vanished (he has gone to find help but Nicky doesn’t know that) and she sets off in the opposite direction. A fatigued Vicky takes refuge in the machinery barn of a farm she finds but when she is discovered by the sinister Davy Gordon she is accused of being a Witch and put on trial.

Something of a change of pace as the series hits the half way mark. Vicky says goodbye to the Sikhs and meets Jonathon. The storyline subtly shifts into one of Vicky and Jonathan trying to discover what is actually causing The Changes.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 3 Feb 1975 at 5.20pm

Writer: Anna Home / Production Design: Paul Munting / Director: John Prowse

Series: The Changes Episode 5 (of 10)

Vicky Williams as Nicky
Rafiq Anwar as Chacha
Sahab Qizilbash as Grandmother
Marc Zuber as Kewal
Rugby Brar as Gopal
Rebecca Mascarenhas as Ajeet
Arthur Hewlett as Mr Tom
James Ottoway as Maxie
Edward Brayshaw as Chief Robber
Roy Evans as Carter
Keith Ashton as Jonathon
Zuleika Robson as Margaret
Stella Tanner as Anne
Jack Watson as Peter
David Garfield as Davy Gordon