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Channel 10: NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles Tues 14 Apr 2015



Airdate: Channel 10, Tuesday 14 April 2015 from 8.30pm

This week’s double instalment of the franchise on Channel 10 is all murder and spies.

First up at 8.30pm is NCIS episode The Artful Dodger (season 12 episode 17) with a guest appearance from Robert Wagner as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. In it the NCIS team investigates the murder of Lieutenant Dominic Pine, who was found dead at his Defence Logistics Agency. Evidence reveals Pine’s killer was stealing a rare and valuable painting at the time, but the art in question appears to have been swapped for a fake.

Agent Tony DiNozzo gets a surprise visit from his father DiNozzo Senior, revealing to his son he has split from his fiancé Linda.
DiNozzo Sr. lends his assistance to NCIS sharing his knowledge and contacts of the black market art world.

Next at 9.30pm on NCIS LA episode Expiration Date (season 6 episode 16) Callen and Sam are tasked to investigate a spy contracted by the CIA. After intercepting the target, their mission goes horribly wrong when Sam is shot by an unknown third party, suffering near fatal injuries.

While Sam recovers in hospital, the team enlists the help of Thapa, the elite Nepali soldier from their past to help track down the mystery shooter.
Kensi and Deeks work through relationship issues after experiencing their first official argument. With Deeks lacking genuine affection towards Kensi’s friends, Kensi fears having to make an ultimatum down the track.

Ernie Reyes Jr. Returns as Thapa and Parminder Nagra plays the Spy Ella Desai.