Château DIY: Episode 30 (S8EP30 Channel 4 Saturday 1 October 2022)



Chateau DIY

Château Trois Cloches has been purchased by new owners Chris and Jolyon close to Le Havre. The pair begin work on constructing an opulent guest suite despite the project’s size because they are eager to transform it into a residence and event space.

In their basement, Donna and Paul want to make a brand-new conference room. If they can’t figure out how to install plumbing in the underground bathroom, it could be a big moneymaker, but the project will fail.

Having recently sold their chateau, Jayne and Steve will be hosting their first and only wedding at this time.

Narrator: Adjoa Andoh; Series Ed: Catherine Mann; Series Prod: Matt Baker; Exec Prod: Joff Powell; Prod Co: Spark Media

Airdate: Saturday 1 October 2022 at 16:45 on Channel 4

Season 8 Episode 30

Adventurous British families buy and renovate beautiful chateaux in France.

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