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Chateau DIY Today (Channel 4 Wednesday 7 December 2022)



Chateau DIY

Today Wednesday 7 December 2022 the show Chateau DIY airs a new episode called Today.

Nigel and Debbie begin building a brand-new terrace for their hot tub. The delicate hot tub must be moved into position, which is no easy task when doing all the work yourself.

As Emma and Paul prepare for a dinner party, their bar and dining area are on the home stretch, and Emma needs to get creative with the styling.

Paul and Donna make a massive attic renovation in order to create their own private apartment. The floor has a 25 cm sag in the middle, so the first task is to level it out.

Narrated by Adjoa Andoh.


Today, Wednesday 7 December 2022, the episode Today airs at 11.30am on Channel 4.

Season 2 Episode 13

British families learn what it takes to purchase and renovate stunning chateaux in France, despite their deteriorating ceilings and weathered turrets.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4