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Christabel: Episode 3 (S1EP3 BBC Two 30 Nov 1988, Pat Heywood)



Episode 3: As Peter’s secret work becomes increasingly dangerous, Christabel takes the boys to the safety of the Black Forest but is forced to return to Berlin by some terrifying news.

Regular Cast: Elizabeth Hurley (Christabel), Stephen Dillon (Peter)

Guest Cast: Sam Kelly (Langbehn), Nigel Le Vaillant (Adam), Toby Lawson, Andrey Justice, David Blake Kelly, Jim Carter, Pat Heywood, John Boswall, Simon Tyrell, John Gillett, Christopher Leaver, Alastair Haley, James Exell, Richard Ireson, Dennis Christopher, Andrew Wilde, Suzan Crowley, Joolia Cappleman, Joanne Allen, Emma-Louise Harrington, Laura Goodwin

Writer: Dennis Potter / Director: Adrian Shergold

Airdate: 30 Nov 1988 on BBC Two

Series: Christabel Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: 4 part BBC period drama serial. An English girl gets trapped in Germany during World War II. Based on Christabel Bielenberg’s own memoir.