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Christmas Movie Magic Premieres Tues 7 Dec on Lifetime



In Christmas Movie Magic, when entertainment writer Alli Blakeman (Holly Deveaux) is assigned a story covering the anniversary of a classic Christmas movie in the small town where it was filmed, she agrees on the condition that it could lead to a big promotion.

When she meets a local theatre owner Brad (Drew Seeley), they unravel the mysterious origins of the movie’s signature song and Alli learns that movie magic isn’t always just on-screen.

Cast: Holly Deveaux (Alli Blakeman), Drew Seeley (Brad), Robin Dunne (Young Walter Andrews), Jennifer Gibson (Stacy), Marcia Bennett (Diane), Jill Frappier (Margaret), Kaylee Harwood (Lana Murdock), Georgia Vaughn (Chloe),

Written by Rickie Castaneda from a story by James Blakeman and directed by Robert Vaughn.

Airdate: Tuesday 7 December 2021 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.