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Circle Square: I Love You (S1EP37 Channel 5 Saturday 20 August 2022)



I Love You: Dub comes to visit the island. She has something important to tell Keys.

Airdate: Saturday 20 August 2022 at 09:55 on Channel 5

Season 1 Episode 37

Circle Square is an animated comedy for children 4-6 about a community of nine houses, each home to a character or family. Vanessa the Dragon, owner of the rainbow lighthouse, helps out with everyday dilemmas and each episode features a different friend in need of her help (and sometimes she needs theirs!)

The households in the community include a yeti, a family of emergency service owls, a keyboard and a drum, a family of wizards, a grumpy dog, an elderly adventuring bear and a couple of walking, talking pine trees. Their companionship also extends to neighbouring islands in the archipelago of the Wyndley Isles, and to friends and family who come to visit them..