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Close to the Enemy: Episode 5 (S1EP5 BBC Two 8 Dec 2016)



Episode 5: While Dieter is seemingly helping the British to achieve their jet engine goals, Victor comes to Callum with proof that Dieter isn’t innocent of war crimes. After thwarting Victor and Kathy’s attempts to recover information by stealth, Callum goes some way to regaining their favour by helping Kathy get access to a useful German prisoner, Birgit Mentz. He advises Kathy to try employing his own tactics to get Birgit to open up. Callum thinks he can get the proof that Harold requires to expose the British government’s wartime secrets, and also keep Victor and Rachel close to him at the hotel. But can he have it all?

Jim Sturgess as Callum Ferguson
Charlotte Riley as Rachel Lombard
Angela Bassett as Eva
Alfred Molina as Harold Lindsay-Jones
Alfie Allen as Ringwood
Lindsay Duncan as Frau Bellinghausen
Freddie Highmore as Victor Ferguson
August Diehl as Dieter Koehler
Phoebe Fox as Kathy
Robert Glenister as Brigadier Wainwright
Ciara Charteris as Lucy Lindsay – Jones
Charity Wakefield as Julia
Sebastian Armesto as Alex Lombard
Aleksandar Jovanović as Horst Kleinow
Antje Traue as Bergit Mentz
Lucy Ward as Lotte Koehler

Airdate: 2016-12-08

Season 1 Episode 5

Series: Close to the Enemy