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Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas (Friday December 2, 2022 on Lifetime)



Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas

Tonight Friday December 2, 2022 the Lifetime movie Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas premieres.

Episode Summary

A well-known weather forecaster for the national news, Bridget Torres (Valery Ortiz), visits the enchanted, wintry town of Leavenworth, Washington, where Christmas customs are prevalent every Christmas. This year, Bridget’s boss Lisa (Nicole Bilderback) has come along with her as she prepares to announce a special “snow-cast” at the annual Christmas Eve festival on behalf of her network.

When a talk show host from Bridget’s network shows up to join her for the broadcast, Bridget’s attempts to shine are thwarted. Tensions were high because, as it turns out, Drake Kincaid (Brandon Quinn) had rejected Bridget’s application to be his co-host for their morning show a year earlier.

The unlikely pair quickly develops feelings for one another, but their relationship is tested when Bridget finally learns why Drake passed on hiring her.

Valery M. Ortiz (Bridget Torres), Brandon Quinn (Drake Kincaid), Sarah Jane Morris (Tatum Tilson), Nicole Bilderback (Lisa Liu Lawson), Audrey Landers (Millie Kincaid), Deon Richmond (Eddie Lawson), Preston Sadleir (Dillon Kincaid), John Laughlin (Wally Kincaid), Fabiana Udenio (Aunt Marta), Piper Helgren (Trixie),

Airdate for the episode

Tonight, Friday December 2, 2022, the movie airs  at 8.00pm on Lifetime.

Featured Image Credit: Lifetime