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Cold Courage: Trojan Horse (S1EP2 Viaplay 3 May 2020, )



Trojan Horse:

Trojan Horse: The populism of British politician Arthur Fried may be linked to the Studio’s investigation into deaths with an immigrant background. One body is a Muslim boy and the other is called a faceless woman by the media.

Cast: Pihla Viitala (Marie), Sofia Pekkari (Lia), John Simm (Arthur Fried), Antti Reini (Vanags), Arsher Ali (DCI Peter Chandra), Peter Coonan (Paddy), Caroline Goodall (Maggie), Matteo Simoni (Rico),

Airdate: 3 May 2020 on Viaplay

Series: Cold Courage Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Two young Finnish women in London are drawn inexorably together via the Studio – a clandestine group dedicated to bringing justice to those beyond the law. But, as their battle against exploitation, violence and corporate greed intensifies, will the Studio’s ends continue to justify its means?